About GNZB data visualisations

Find out how to use our interactive dashboards to display GNZB research findings in an engaging and meaningful way.

Why GNZB summary data visualisations?

The aim of the data visualisations is to distribute our research findings in an engaging and meaningful way, providing a window into the everyday reality of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in New Zealand. This window allows us to find out more about New Zealand SMEs, and to benchmark businesses.

We intend to provide more dashboards as well as cross country comparisons based on our collaborations with the University of Cambridge (UK) and the University of Queensland (Australia). We will also make other research accessible through data visualisations.

How do the dashboards work?

A dashboard is a platform that visualises the data of a certain theme. We have created a series of dashboards for core themes explored in the GNZB survey.

The first two series provide insights about the relationship between CEOs and their businesses (Series 1), and Innovation and internationalisation (Series 2).

Each dashboard allows the users to explore the data within certain boundaries. In other words, the dashboard enables users to personally engage with the data, but without direct access to actual data sets.

Send us your feedback

Additional dashboard series will be developed in the future. Your feedback and questions will help ensure that these continue to be relevant to you.

Dr Benjamin Fath
Project Manager
Phone: +64 9 923 1617
Email: b.fath@auckland.ac.nz