GNZB summary of survey findings

A key part of the Growing New Zealand Businesses project is the GNZB survey, developed in collaboration with researchers at the University of Cambridge and the University of Queensland Business School.

  • About the GNZB survey

    The survey was carried out in late 2010 to early 2011 and is a key part of the Growing New Zealand Businesses project.

  • Acknowledgements

    The GNZB acknowledges the support of our partners and collaborators, especially the CEOs who participated in the survey.

  • Growth aspirations

    Information about future plans; aspirations to grow, innovate, export or downsize and effects on profitability.

  • Turnover growth and profit

    Insight into turnover growth and profitability which highlights differences between manufacturers and business services.

  • Competition and competitive advantage

    Perceptions about business competition, competitive advantages and strategy by sector.

  • Innovation

    Data about levels, source and type of New Zealand business innovation by sector, as well as information about product improvement.

  • R&D

    Information about the number of New Zealand businesses engaged in R&D and the levels of investment and profitability.

  • Investment in training

    Survey findings on the type of training provided to New Zealand staff by business size and sector.

  • Internationalisation

    Details about what type of New Zealand businesses were involved in export sales and their destination markets.

  • Finance

    Information about businesses who sought additional finance, where the funds were sourced and reasons for not seeking additional finance.