The GNZB Survey was a collaborative undertaking. The Growing New Zealand Businesses research group thanks our project collaborators and funding partners. We especially thank the CEOs who participated in this survey.

Project partners and collaborators

  • Centre for Business Research (CBR), University of Cambridge.
  • The University of Queensland Business School.
  • Veda Advantage.

The survey structure and design, and many of the questions, originate in surveys developed by the Centre for Business Research (CBR), University of Cambridge. In addition, we have benefited from ongoing discussions with colleagues from the CBR, particularly Alan Hughes and Anna Bullock, as well as at the University of Queensland Business School, our partners for the comparative phase of this project. Veda Advantage very generously provided the original sampling information from their database.

Funding partners

We acknowledge funding and related support from:

  • Tthe ICEHOUSE-UABS Collaborative Fund.
  • The University of Auckland Business School Faculty Research Development Fund.
  • New Zealand Asia Institute.
  • Institute for Technology Enterprise and Competitiveness (ITEC) at Doshisha University, Kyoto.

Other contributors

More individuals than we can name here contributed to the survey development, administration and subsequent data entry, coding and analysis.

We thank all these people, and above all, we wish to thank all the CEOs who generously gave their time, answers and insights to make this survey meaningful. This survey summary provides our initial feedback to them.