Investment in training

Survey findings on the type of training provided to staff by business size and sector.


Between half and two thirds of the businesses provided formal training for at least some employees. Business service firms provided somewhat more training than manufacturers for managerial employees and technologists, scientists and higher professionals, but less for "all other employees". Conventional business services provided less training than their high-tech counterparts, whilst conventional manufacturers provided more training than their high-tech counterparts. Conventional manufacturers and high-tech business services provided similar levels of training.


The biggest difference in training provided was by business size. Medium-sized businesses were much more likely to provide formal training than micro businesses, with small businesses in between. Industry level innovators were also more likely to provide formal training than non-innovators, with firm-level innovators in between (except for technologists, for whom business-level innovators provided most formal training).

Those with moderate turnover growth and medium levels of profits provided more training for managerial and technologist employees, perhaps reflecting their managed growth.