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Our research

Research at the New Zealand Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Study Centre focuses on economic interactions in the Asia-Pacific region and the growing challenges of globalisation.

New Zealand APEC Study Centre covers research on international trade developments and human resource development strategies in APEC countries. The research projects currently being implemented or developed are:

  • Trade and competition policy
    Pilot study exploring issues involved in coordinating competition policy in the APEC region, drawing on the experience of Australia and New Zealand.
  • Trade and environment
    Creation of a database and analytical framework for investigation of the relationship between trade policy and environmental policy.
  • New Zealand-Korea economics relations
    Pilot study of New Zealand's bilateral trading relationships in the APEC region.
  • Impediments to trade and investment liberalisation among APEC economies
    New Zealand country case study.
  • International trade in forestry products
    Modelling of effects of trade policy interventions by importing and exporting economies, with particular attention to the location of processing activities.
  • Sub-regional trading arrangements
    The Centre administers a programme of APEC Research Scholarships funded by the Asia 2000 Foundation of New Zealand. These scholarships assist graduate students throughout New Zealand to undertake APEC-related research. The Centre also works with the New Zealand Asia Institute to promote student exchanges with other institutions in the APEC region.