New Zealand Leadership Institute

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New Zealand Leadership Institute

In 2003 the Business School joined with a group of enlightened national organisations to launch the New Zealand Leadership Institute in an innovative partnership committed to lifting the quality of leadership in New Zealand.

Since its inception the New Zealand Leadership Institute (NZLI) has firmly established itself as fully integrated and committed to leadership research and leadership development - both in New Zealand and internationally.

NZLI has significant contributions to leadership research, literature, learning and development that encompasses more than 200 journal articles, books, book chapters and conference paper publications.

Research projects with critical and practical relevance to our times include ‘Governance in Times of Crisis’, Embedding Leadership and its Development in the Context of Healthcare’, ‘Promoting Leadership-in-Governance’, Aspiring to Lead, Defaulting to Management’, ‘Leadership as Practice: Challenging the Competency Paradigm, ‘Collaborative Leadership in a Not-for-profit Incubator’ and ‘Health and Safety Leadership.

Leadership development programmes designed and delivered by NZLI continue to be at the forefront of bridging the gap between theory and practice - to build leadership capacity for organisations and communities adapting to our complex and dynamic world. Bespoke and open leadership programmes for both the public and private sector focus on development for the shared leadership work of connected individuals and interdependent groups.

In early 2017 Vicki Watson was appointed NZLI Chief Executive to succeed founding director Dr Lester Levy, and the directorship was split into a Director of Research and a Director of Leadership Development. Dr Brigid Carroll, Associate Professor in the Department of Management and International Business was appointed in the research directorship, and Joline Francoeur into leadership development.

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