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Mihi whakatau Alan Johnson

Janfrie Wakim

 9.35am Australia’s current reforms  Peter Whiteford  
10.15am Welfare Reform and Social Investment: Assessing the Australian Approach Simon Chapple  
10.45am Questions from the floor for speakers
11am  Investing in social investment  Peter Alsop   
11.25am Social work and social investment  David Kenkel Jennifer Braithwaite
11.50am At the heart of it all. Building trust into social policy.  Jess Berentson-Shaw  
12.20pm Questions from the floor for speakers
12.30pm Lunch
1.15pm Social investment: Target efficiency and incentives Susan St John George Makapatama


Future welfare and work Bill Rosenberg   

Questions from the floor for speakers

2.15pm A new moral basis for welfare Alan Johnson Gerry Cotterell
2.40pm Looking back to look ahead –prospects for the next generation? Len Cook  
3.10pm All Speakers’ Panel (3 minute summary): questions to government
3.30pm  Questions from the floor for all speakers
3.40pm Closing remarks

Mike O’Brien

4.00pm Refreshments