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Pension Release

  • Support for bill proposing longer residency to access NZ SuperannuationThe University of Auckland’s Retirement Policy and Research Centre (RPRC) welcomes the recent bill proposing that residency requirements increase from 10 years to 20 years. NZ First Mark Patterson’s bill was drawn from the parliamentary ballot this week.
  • KiwiSaver default provider arrangements - important issues raised from the Independent Advisors 2018The major concern is that new KiwiSaver members who do not make their own decisions are put into the default fund of one of nine selected default providers. The nature of these funds is prescribed to be ‘conservative’ and so, as the Independent Advisers have identified, unsuited for most members to remain permanently in that fund. (17 July 2018).
  • New Zealand Superannuation policy and overseas state pensions 2016 is the year of the Retirement Commissioner’s review. On overseas pensions the Retirement Policy and Research centre RPRC supports the strong stance taken by the Commissioner on the need to act immediately to remove the Spousal Provision in section 70 of the Direct Deduction Policy. (15 November 2016).
  • An examination of the entitlement to New Zealand Superannuation by migrants welcomed For many years the RPRC has highlighted the need for regular scrutiny of all aspects of the design and eligibility criteria for NZ Superannuation (10 August 2015).
  • Ministry’s concern for overseas state pensions welcomed The Retirement Policy and Research Centre applauds the introduction of the New Zealand First member’s bill: New Zealand Superannuation and Retirement Income (Pro Rata Entitlement) Amendment Bill (30 June 2015).
  • The Ministry for Social Development’s latest briefing to the incoming government has been praised for highlighting critical issues on the treatment of overseas state pensions. “It is very pleasing to see at long last the interpretation of Section 70 of the Social Security Act that can see a married retiree deprived of all or part of their New Zealand Superannuation because of their spouse’s overseas pension is noted as ‘a policy issue that could be addressed’.” Susan St. John. (13 November 2014)
  • Policy must change on overseas pensions
    Following the release of our PensionBriefing: New Zealand’s treatment of pensioners whose spouses have overseas state pensions, the RPRC is pleased to see NZ First raising the issues of Section 70 in Parliament’s question time last week. "This is a controversial, tricky policy issue that cannot be swept under the carpet much longer" says co-director Associate Professor Susan St John (4 August 2014). Visit the RPRC PensionBriefing papers page.
  • The new Labour Party KiwiSaver policy.
  • Public policy changes can have profound and enduring effects on the lives of citizens. Better public policy results from evidence-based consultation and expert analysis, with proper consideration given to possible and probable outcomes, and unintended consequences. Susan St John, Michael Littlewood and Claire Dale. 2 July 2014.
  • A universal pension proposal for Australia - lessons for Australia from New Zealand?
    The Retirement Policy and Research Centre (RPPC) has published PensionBriefing: A universal pension proposal for Australia. It looks at a recent report from a Canberra-based think tank, The Australia Institute (6 May 2014). Visit the RPRC PensionBriefing papers page.
  • Retirement Commissioner's 2013 Review published
    The Retirement Commissioner released an interim version of her 2013 Review on 9 October 2013. The RPRC issued three PensionReleases, each covering a different aspect of the Review:
    1. Stop unjust deductions from overseas pensions now
      Supporting the Review's call for changes to the way some overseas pensions are deducted from New Zealand Superannuation.
    2. Retirement Commissioner's Review a good start
      Suggesting that New Zealand now needs a research-led, national discussion on the size and shape of New Zealand Superannuation. The Retirement Commissioner's recommendations should be part of that review.
    3. Retirement Commissioner's Review – KiwiSaver and tax concessions
      Recommending that, before making further changes to KiwiSaver, New Zealand needs to find out whether KiwiSaver is actually working (adding to household savings). We should be extremely cautious before adopting the proposed tax break for "simple savings products".
  • We all have to talk about NZ Superannuation
    The RPRC has released a PensionCommentary criticising the Government’s refusal to join the discussion about the future of New Zealand Superannuation (NZS).
  • Do the government’s accounts tell us what we need to know?
    In a presentation on 6 March, hosted by the Retirement Policy and Research Centre (RPRC), Associate Professor Sue Newberry from the University of Sydney posed the question: “Do the government‟s accounts tell us what we need to know?” (8 March 2012).
  • Has the New Zealand Superannuation Fund increased the government’s wealth?
    The most recent investment performance results from the New Zealand Superannuation Fund illustrate the unnecessary risks that the government runs in its presence. They also underline the flawed nature of Labour’s proposal to re-start contributions with more borrowed money.
  • Yet another version of KiwiSaver?
    Government proposes auto-enrolment for non-KiwiSaver members in 2014. That is the fourth major revision since it was first announced (20 October 2011).
  • Enlarged definition of “family scheme income” starts today
    The RPRC supports the principle that all income should be counted when determining eligibility for state provision (1 April 2011).
  • People with overseas pensions penalised
    New Zealand pays New Zealanders with overseas pensions to leave, while making them poorer when they stay (27 November 2009).
  • Why does the Accident Compensation Corporation have a fund?
    RPRC co-director Michael Littlewood questions the need for the ACC to pre-fund its obligations in a discussion paper (20 August 2009).
  • A guarded welcome for the government’s KiwiSaver changes
    The RPRC broadly supports the government's reduction in KiwiSaver subsidies due to start on 1 April 2009 (17 December 2008).
  • Changes to KiwiSaver unfortunate
    Concerns about the latest changes to KiwiSaver announced in the 2007 Budget (17 May 2007).

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