An explanation of the forum's purpose as well as the proposed schedule for the day.

This Forum builds on the research on overseas pensions policy in New Zealand published by the RPRC, the two Forums held in 2010, and the 2013 Forum. Throughout, the work has been supported by the Human Rights Commission and aided by the contributions of Associate Professor Andrew Smith of Victoria University, Wellington. 

The Government has signalled their intention to re-write the Social Security Act. The need for change is highlighted in the Ministry of Social Development’s Briefing to the Incoming Ministers. As noted in the RPRC’s Press Release, this is an unprecedented opportunity for a first-principles discussion about the treatment of overseas pensions.

Previous RPRC Working Papers have made specific recommendations for reform of the inequities and anomalies that exist in the treatment of overseas pensions under section 70 of the Social Security Act 1964. Some recommendations are for administrative change, and could be implemented immediately. Others require a national debate. 

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Time    Topic Speaker Chair
2.30pm Registration    
2.45pm Introduction & Outline Susan St John Michael Littlewood
3pm S.70 as a human rights issue

Sylvia Bell, HRC

3.15pm Results of 2013 RPRC Survey

M.Claire Dale

3.30pm Option 1 Susan St John

M.Claire Dale

3.50pm Option 2 Michael Littlewood  
4.10pm Option 3

Denis O’Rourke

4.30pm Open discussion    
4.50pm 2015 submission to Government Susan St John  

Refreshments (tea & coffee) and networking