Pension briefing papers

PensionBriefing papers from the Retirement Policy and Research Centre (RPRC) are technical papers on various aspects of superannuation, ACC and tax policy in New Zealand.

Our latest issue

The number of New Zealanders aged 65+ who are in paid work continues to grow strongly. The 2013 Census shows nearly one quarter of older New Zealanders are now in paid employment for at least 1 hour a week. That proportion has more than tripled in the 27 years since the 1986 Census. Today, New Zealand has one of the highest rates in the OECD of participation in the paid workforce for those aged over 65.

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Previous issues

2010 - 2012 PensionBriefing archive

The zip file below includes:

  • 2010-1 How much do New Zealanders actually invest in residential rental properties?
  • 2010-2 What do New Zealanders own and owe? News from SoFIE 2004-2006
  • 2010-3 A comment on investment income, tax, welfare benefits and the 2010 Budget
  • 2010-4 How much will New Zealander Superannuation really cost?
  • 2010-5 Household wealth in Australia and New Zealand
  • 2010-6 Updating the NZSF investment performance numbers
  • 2010-7 Improving the affordability and equity of New Zealand Superannuation
  • 2011-1 The future of Accident Compensation (ACC)
  • 2011-2 Updating the NZSF investment performance numbers to 30 June 2011
  • 2012-1 Part of our pensions past - the 1898 Old Age Pension

2007 - 2009 PensionBriefing archive

This zip file below includes:

  • 2007-6 The tax implications of pay, salary sacrifice, KiwiSaver and PIEs
  • 2008-1 Does the economic rationale for KiwiSaver stack up?
  • 2008-2 Structuring remuneration to maximise value through "salary sacrifice"
  • 2008-3 KiwSaver, compulsory employer contributions and remuneration
  • 2008-4 Evidence on household wealth from the Reserve Bank
  • 2008-5 A condensed history of public and private provision for retirment income in New Zealand 1975-2008
  • 2009-1 International comparison of poverty amongst the elderly
  • 2009-2 Superannuation schemes, tax and "income"
  • 2009-3 Structuring remuneration to maximise value through "salary sacrifice"
  • 2009-4 If I won $5 million - structuring investments to maximise after-tax income
  • 2009-5 Universal New Zealand Superannuation and tax - implications for sustainability
  • 2009-6 Modelling the distributional effects of KiwiSaver - methodology and results