Business School

Group objectives

The Sustainability Research Group (SRG) was founded in 2008 with the purpose of facilitating and supporting initiatives for scholars undertaking research and teaching in the area of sustainability.

As an inter-disciplinary group, our specific aims are to provide a forum that facilitates:

  • Academic and contracted research on issues relating to sustainability.
  • Links with organisations that are open to sustainability issues.
  • Discussion and development of school-wide teaching programmes which incorporate issues such as ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainability.
  • Encouraging dialogue with respect to how sustainability can be incorporated into our service obligations, procedures and initiatives within the school.
  • Local and global dialogue with researchers, practitioners, leaders, public policy-makers, non-governmental organisations and government agencies.
  • Development of school-wide initiatives including an ongoing seminar series on sustainability in business and society and a futures focus.
  • An international cyber-community for sharing news, research initiatives, publications, forthcoming conferences and workshops.
  • Proactive contributions to the University of Auckland’s strategic research focus launched in April 2009.