Business School

Research projects

Sustainability research activities conducted by the group.

The Sustainability Research Group has members who actively research and teach in areas that include:

  • Sustainable patterns of food and beverage consumption.
  • Quadruple bottom-line reporting.
  • Globalisation and the well-being of Pacific peoples.
  • Māori organisations, holistic well-being, and human-environment interdependence.
  • Sustainability and entrepreneurship.
  • Well-being and happiness and their relationship with sustainable economic growth.
  • Sustainable technologies and eWaste.
  • Sustainable energy use, water resources, fisheries and forestry management.
  • Ethical dimensions of sustainability and social justice.
  • Education strategies to advance issues related to sustainability.
  • Preparing students for a business world in which sustainability issues are becoming paramount.
  • Engaging community participation in sustainable programmes and initiatives.