Business School Research Office

The Business School is committed to creating and promoting research of value to New Zealand’s society and economy. This strategic intent is supported and facilitated by the Business School Research Office, located on Level 4 alongside the Management and International Business Department. The Business School Research Office sustains and encourages researchers to undertake high quality research that contributes to social, economic, environmental and cultural development.

Professor Snejina Michailova


Associate Dean (Research)

Snejina's principal responsibilities include the development and implementation of a research strategy for the Business School. She oversees the operation of the Research Office. She is the Chair of the Faculty Research Committee and the Business School's representative at The University of Auckland Research Committee.

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Phone: +64 9 923 8737

Jonathan Harvey


Research Services Manager

Jonathan is responsible for leading the effective planning and delivery of research support service operations across the faculty. His role includes includes ensuring support is in place to help researchers navigate through the various external funding applications processes, as well as for the university’s own systems. He will also ensure that support is provided with the management of ongoing projects. 

Phone: +64 9 923 5720


Juan Camilo Rodriguez


Senior Research Programme Coordinator

Juan’s function is to support researchers at the faculty with research project coordination, navigation of the various research support services across the university. His role also covers helping with operational support regarding ongoing projects. 

Phone: +64 9 923 2739