Data communications, networking and security

Research in data communications, networking and security is concerned with the management of data security, the integration of pricing mechanisms with policy-based network management systems, m-commerce, competition in NGNs and market-based resource allocation methods. 

Research efforts in this area include the following topics:·         

  • Security of information systems
    The management of information system resources with a special emphasis on data security and information systems investments.
  • Cyber- crime, cyber- terrorism and cyber- war
    Development of policies (national and industrial levels) handling these issues.
  • Cloud computing
    Governance, security and resiliency. Requirements for setting up and managing secure and resilient ICT operational management systems in cloud computing environments.
  • Big Data computing
    The study of policies related to secure implementation and use of Big Data systems.
  • Competition in Next-Generation Networks (NGNs) 
    The study and modelling of competition and other economic aspects of the new high-speed, all-IP broadband markets, with emphasis in new pricing techniques.
  • Radio spectrum management
    New directions in spectrum management. Methods of spectrum allocation and assignment. Spectrum sharing and cognitive radio techniques.

Researchers in data communications networking and security

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