The School’s finance researchers are examining how investors and firms allocate scarce resources over time. This covers corporate financial decision-making, investment analysis, portfolio management and financial instruments, and institutions and markets.

The finance group’s research currently addresses:

  • Asset pricing
    Determining the factors that determine the required rate of return on risky assets
  • The cost of capital
    Its application to capital budgeting, the valuation of firms and the regulation of pricing.
  • Initial public offerings of equity securities
    The factors affecting under-pricing and the history of the under-pricing phenomenon.
  • Market microstructure
    The impact of "market architecture" on the outcomes of the trading process.
  • Securities’ market regulation
    The regulation of information disclosure in financial markets and its impact on the financial information environment.
  • Risk management
    The identification and measurement of financial risks and the management of these risks using financial instruments.
  • Banking, financial institutions and regulation
    Bank supervision and regulation; the global financial crisis.

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