Housing markets and urban change

Housing markets are critical to citizens in any society and play a major role in the shaping of urban environments.

Research into housing markets currently addresses:

  • Dynamics of housing markets in New Zealand and internationally
    Housing supply forecasting, focusing on when developers decide to proceed with housing developments.
  • Property marketing
    How different sales’ methods affect final sale price and how residential suburbs are branded in the minds of consumers, residents and agents.
  • Impact of housing policy change on housing markets in New Zealand
    How lending and finance policies affect house prices and mortgage lender behaviour.
  • Housing affordability and tenure change within New Zealand housing markets
    Including family decision making processes and the residential housing market.
  • The effect of externalities on residential property values
    School zoning, proximity to cell phone towers, water view.
  • Physical characteristics and house prices
    Leaky buildings stigma, vintage effect.

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