Intellectual property, innovation and information

Researchers in commercial law are studying how firms create and protect intellectual property and, in turn, their competitive advantages, both within and outside New Zealand. Researchers are also studying the laws regulating the acquisition and dissemination of information by firms.

Research on these, and related topics, includes:

  • New technologies and intellectual property
    The optimal ways of protecting new technologies, whether through the use of existing intellectual property laws or through the creation of new legislation.
  • Copyright
    The protection of copyright and the regulation of fair dealing in the digital environment.
  • Major events management
    For example, the efficacy of providing increased legal protection to high-profile sports events.
  • Consumer protection
    Laws designed to ensure fair competition and the free flow of truthful information in the marketplace, including laws to prevent businesses engaging in misleading or deceptive conduct or other practices that harm consumers.
  • Privacy
    Laws designed to protect personal information and prevent its collection and misuse and their impact on business.
  • Official Information
    Laws governing the dissemination and utilisation of information held by the Government.
  • Trade marks
    Challenges to the enforcement and maintenance of trade marks by modern marketing practices such as look-a-like products and parallel imports.

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