Macroeconomics and international finance

Research in macroeconomics and finance studies the factors that influence the development and growth of national economies, the design of monetary and fiscal policy, and the role played by financial markets and institutions in influencing economic activity.

Areas of focus include:

  • Open-economy macroeconomics
    International business cycles, exchange rate dynamics, the patterns of international capital flows, financial crises.
  • Money, banking and finance
    The monetary implications of global economic integration, the role of credit market imperfections in amplifying economic shocks, modelling systemic risk.
  • Growth and development
    Models of productivity growth in New Zealand and in developing countries, including the impact of economic reforms on economic growth and multi-sector growth models.
  • Economic history
    For example, currency competition since the end of the Bretton Woods era, the history of the international monetary order, and competing schools of economic thought.



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