Research at the Business School

Our research makes a critically important contribution to the economic and social development of New Zealand and the wider region.

Professor Peter Boxall

Here at the University of Auckland Business School, we have a critical mass of researchers addressing important questions in business and economics. Presently, there are around 160 highly-qualified academics working on issues that affect economic performance, competitive advantage and societal well-being.

We participate in a global environment. There are many individuals and teams in the School that link New Zealand to knowledge developments and research networks around the world.

Academics and support staff in our School, assisted by the resources of the world-class University of which we are an integral part, have built a vibrant research culture, one that generates findings and ideas of international significance. We are committed to a high-quality research engagement with students, academic colleagues, business and professional communities, and government policy makers.

I invite you to explore our website and discover the culture of inquiry and innovation in our departments, research centres and groups.

Professor Peter Boxall
Associate Dean Research