Comprehending Big Data using the Exponentially Amplified Information Space of Mixed Reality Event as iCalendar

(Information Systems and Operations Management)

16 June 2017

1 - 2pm

Venue: The University of Auckland Business School, Room 040C, Level 0, Owen G Glenn Building

Presenter: David White, The University of Auckland

Mixed Reality adds another dimension to the information space available in which to project data and explore for knowledge. A person seeking to understand the patterns within data can be physically immersed in the data both alone and with others. This project seeks to combine the analysis of large datasets utilizing the power of cloud based machine learning, text analysis and image matching. The techniques being explored will use a variety of publicly available datasets. The project began in 2016 with the development of ChronoPlay which projects data from timelines such as events from the Big Bang until now. This produced a 3D interactive learning experience to enhance awareness of our passage through time. It demonstrates an experiential way to learn and explore any data. With the acquisition of a Microsoft Hololens by the ISOM department the same context relevant datasets are being projected into large spaces like museums and linked to the exhibits.

David White is a lecturer in ISOM teaching and exploring many aspects of information design. Current work is building learning experiences based on integrating which describe the history of us.

For more information contact:
David White