Case of financial institutions: Privacy protection in offshoring - can internal controls help? Event as iCalendar

(Information Systems and Operations Management)

12 December 2018

10 - 11am

Venue: University of Auckland Business School, Room 501, Level 5, 12 Grafton Road, Auckland, 1010

This is a public defence of a Master thesis completed at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. The meeting will be video linked with the thesis supervisors in Europe.

In the times of emerging technologies and rising individuals’ awareness more light is shed on privacy and associated risks. This does go noticed by regulators who develop and enforce tighter requirements towards organisations. Simultaneously, outsourcing relationships develop and offshoring as well as nearshoring are still popular among cost-optimisation methods. While many security methods and standards are developed, there is only limited literature on how to develop and implement appropriate controls for them to bring the expected value. This survey and case study based research focused on particular situation of Swiss financial institution engaged in offshoring. Its findings confirm that the financial institutions face various obstacles and issues at different phases of offshoring and allow the design of guidelines to address these issues in particular industry for specific processes. The findings from this thesis also open opportunities for further research.

Agnieszka is a student of Master's programme in Management of Technology at TUDelft in the Netherlands pursuing a career as risk, governance and information security specialist in one of the global consulting firms. She has moved within the company from Poland, where she is originally from, to New Zealand to gain even more of international experience and exposure. She is a natural agilist, passionate about continuous improvement and human-centric cyber security. Privately she is interested in cultural differences. The thesis on information security in offshoring has allowed her to combine all of her interests.

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Lech Janczewski
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