Home Equity and the Timing of Claiming Social Security Retirement Income Event as iCalendar


12 March 2018

2 - 3pm

Venue: The University of Auckland Business School, Level 3, Room 317

Presenter: Amanda Ross, University of Alabama

We examine how changes in house prices affect when eligible individuals start receiving Social Security Retirement Income (SSRI). Since changes in house prices and receipt of SSRI are likely to be correlated with unobservables, we employ an instrumental variables strategy using the land supply elasticity of an MSA interacted with changes in the national house price index as an instrument. We find that the elderly delay SSRI claiming when house prices increase during a boom period, but not during a bust. Our findings highlight that the cashing-out of home equity can be used to finance expenditures to delay SSRI receipt.

Amanda Ross is an Assistant Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics, Finance, and Legal Studies at the University of Alabama. Her research is in the areas of urban economics, public economics, real estate economics, and the economics of crime. Her research has been published in top journals including American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, The Journal of Urban Economics, and Real Estate Economics. Prior to joining the faculty at University of Alabama, she was an Assistant Professor at West Virginia University. She received her PhD from Syracuse in 2011 and BA from Binghamton University in 2006. 

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