On an Information Technology Supplier as a Strategic Innovator: A Signalling Perspective Event as iCalendar

(Graduate School of Management)

21 November 2018

12 - 1pm

Venue: The University of Auckland Business School, Level 3, Room 317, 12 Grafton Road, Auckland, 1010

Presenter: Professor Ilan Oshri, The University of Auckland

Information Technology (IT) outsourcing clients increasingly seek to expand the array of benefits they can acquire from their suppliers, from cost reduction and service quality improvements, to competitive advantage associated with strategic innovation. The capabilities of a superior traditional IT service supplier, however, differ significantly from those of a superior innovator. Aiming to understand how supplier-led innovation is successfully delivered to clients, we undertook a study of five strategic innovation projects by a world-leading supplier of technology services. Our data analysis revealed an important issue of information asymmetry between the supplier and its clients, particularly about the supplier’s ability and intent to innovate. Anchoring our theorising in signalling theory, we propose a two- level signalling process that includes two signalling modes. The first mode, “heralding,” continuously broadcasts information to clients’ decision-makers about the supplier’s superior ability to strategically innovate. The second mode, “obliging,” is emitted during innovation projects, and signals the supplier’s commitment to the relationship. Our study complements extant research by framing innovation in an outsourcing context from the supplier’s perspective, offering an examination of strategic innovation in outsourcing as a signalling issue.

Ilan joined the Graduate School of Management (GSM) in 2018. He graduated from Warwick Business School (2003) and held academic positions at Rotterdam School of Management and Loughborough University. He published over 40 journal articles in top IS journals, 18 books, and numerous articles in professional outlets. His work on global sourcing of services was featured on BBC Radio 4, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Business Week and CIO magazine. He is the vice-president of AIS SIG on advances in sourcing, co-founder of the global sourcing conferences (Europe and Asia-Pacific), founder of case development centre (RSM), and currently acting as senior editor (JIT) and AE (MISQ).

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