Accounting futures – Designing for complexity and uncertainty in accounting Event as iCalendar

(Accounting and Finance)

12 February 2019

11am - 1pm

Venue: The University of Auckland Business School, Level 0, Room 040C, 12 Grafton Road, Auckland, 1010

This interactive interdisciplinary workshop borrows from creative design methodologies to explore, jointly with participants, what diverse and varied accounting futures may look like? Participants will engage in the innovative process of futuring using the proven Double-Variable Method that will activate and build capacity across individuals to effectively vision new realities. Participants will be shown how key strategic and behavioral factors of change can be identified to provoke discussions about the future of accounting, the accounting profession and/or accounting work.

Participants will learn how to make use of creative design methodology such as ‘Futuring’ to illicit critical thought amongst learners and develop key skills required for the accounting profession of the future. Illustrative examples and feedback will be provided on how futuring has been used to illicit new creative ways forward in accounting. This workshop provides participants with a practical means of facilitating creative and integrated learning.

Nicholas McGuigan
Nick works as an Innovator, Instigator and Disruptor to create future-oriented business education programs that focus on innovation, creativity and design thinking. He has a particular passion for accountability where he co-founded The Accountability Institute - a progressive platform with an aim of fostering collaborations between art, science, technology and economics, bringing these fields into conversation to create a new language of business – a language of accountability. He researches in the areas of integrated thinking, learning technologies, holistic systems design and regenerative economics. This has led to the awarding of competitive research funds of over a million Australian dollars, including Federal State level grants in both Australia and Germany. He has published widely in international accounting and education journals, been invited to present at research centres and professional organisations in the UK, US Europe, Australia and New Zealand. He serves on boards and committees of the American Accounting Association (AAA) and the Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand (AFAANZ). Nick is an Associate Editor of Accounting Education, Issues in Accounting Education and Higher Education and Research (HERD) journal. He instigated Monash Business School’s newly created Artist-In-Residency program, conceptually designed the world’s first ever accounting perfume and together with the accounting profession is embarking on research that investigates a Queer perspective of accounting.

Alessandro Ghio
Alessandro is a Lecturer in Accounting at Monash Business School. He holds a Ph.D. in financial accounting from ESSEC Business School and a Ph.D. in management from the University of Pisa. His research focuses on issues surrounding financial reporting quality, corporate social media communication, sport organizations and the sociology of the accounting profession. Alessandro has published in several academic journals including Accounting Forum, Applied Economics, Journal of International Accounting Research, Journal of Intellectual Capital and Sustainability Accounting Management and Policy Journal and he co-authored a book on Accounting Choices in Family Firms (Springer). Alessandro received the Best Paper Award at the 2018 IAAER World Congress. He is the co-instigator of the project “Queering Accounting” and he has led and/or taken key roles in competitive research funded projects equating to over one million Australian dollars. Alessandro teaches the capstone course “Global Issues in Accounting”. Prior to joining Monash University, Alessandro has been a controller in a large telecommunication organization and a visiting scholar at Indiana University.

Thomas Kern
Thomas is co-instigator of The Accountability Institute. He is a speaker, facilitator, permaculture activist, and community event-maker. Thomas co-instigates The Accountability Institute to push forward accounting education in creative and dynamic ways. Thomas has held positions in financial accounting across Australia, New Zealand and Germany. He was Head of the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) Competence Centre of an international commercial bank based in Hamburg, Germany, and taught at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. He recently headlined the 2018 ACSEAR conference facilitating transdisciplinary conversation with internationally renowned permaculture designer and 2017 Advance Global Australian Agriculture Award Winner, Rosemary Morrow.

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