Strategies for growing business in Asian markets Event as iCalendar

(New Zealand Asia Institute)

11 February 2019

1 - 5:30pm

Venue: The University of Auckland Business School, Level 3, Room 317, 12 Grafton Road, Auckland

China Studies Centre invites you to attend a workshop that is designed to help you develop a better understanding of the strategies that New Zealand firms employ when growing into Asian markets. This workshop is coordinated by Dr Antje Fiedler and Jo Wright, alongside Zino Ventures – a New Zealand based Chinese venture capital firm and innovation hub.

In this workshop you will not only hear from the directors of Zino Ventures, but also from their New Zealand based portfolio firms. Speakers include:

  • David Wang, Zino Ventures
  • Ferris Lu, Zino Ventures
  • Debra Hall, Zino Innovation Hub
  • Jason Li, Delta Capital
  • Mark McCaughan, Merlot Aero Limited

You will have the opportunity to gain first-hand insight into the opportunities and challenges being faced by New Zealand technology firms working to gain traction in the Asian markets. Even better, they are going to share with you the key business challenges confronting them right now.

You will then have the opportunity to work in small groups to devise strategies to help overcome their key problems. This is a brilliant opportunity to not only build relationships with Zino Ventures and their portfolio firms, but also to use your strategic and problem-solving muscles: taking the knowledge you are developing in your degree and applying it to real-world problems.

How to register
Registration is free - but spaces are strictly limited to 20 students.

To secure a place in the workshop, register on the right-hand side and submit no more than 100 words onwhat talents and experiences you bring to a New Zealand based start-up company that is planning to expand into Chinese speaking markets.’

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