Videos from the 2014 Ballot Box series

View footage of all the speakers who participated in the 2014 Ballot Box panel events.

Environmentalism: How green is our valley? (2014)

Panellists: Rod Oram, Journalist and Political Commentator; Professor Basil Sharp, Energy Education Trust of NZ Chair in Energy and Resource Economics; Suzi Kerr, Senior Fellow, Motu

Healthcare: How do we pay for it going forward? Wellness and healthcare for all New Zealanders (2014)

Panellists: Dr Lester Levy, Director NZLI, Chairman Auckland DHB and Waitemata DHB; Professor Paul Rouse, UABS; Associate Professor Susan St John, Co-Director Retirement Policy and Research Centre

Minimum wage vs living wage: The living wage: can we afford it? (2014)

Panellists: Professor Sholeh Maani, UABS Graduate School of Business; Michael Barnett, CEO, Auckland Chamber of Commerce; Councillor Paul Eagle, Wellington City Council

Housing affordability: Can Auckland, as one of the world’s great cities, also be affordable? (2014)

Panellists: Professor Laurence Murphy, Department of Property, UABS; Dr Arthur Grimes, Department of Economics, UABS; Alan Johnson, Senior Policy Analyst, Salvation Army Social and Parliamentary Unit

Education: How do you make your child succeed at school? (2014)