About the series

Auckland is undergoing a period of rapid transformation. And with the city projected to add a staggering one million people to its population by 2040, the pace of change is set to continue. Auckland is one of a handful of cities in the world that generate more than a third of their country's GDP. The well-being of Auckland and the rest of New Zealand are inextricably linked.

The 2016 Local Elections offer an opportune time to reflect on the challenges and opportunities facing Auckland and provide a forum to discuss the key issues which will shape its future.

Bringing together preeminent thinkers, the Ballot Box 2016 series will inform debate and challenge thinking. The Business School developed the public series, not to revisit the existing narrative around familiar issues, but to look beyond the three-year election cycle and encourage an informed conversation around some of the major challenges that lie ahead for New Zealand’s largest city. The series will consist of three separate events, each looking at an issue of critical importance to Auckland.