Sustainability Dialogue 2016

As part of the growing Sustainability Programme at the University of Auckland Business School, we invited senior executives from leading businesses and organisations that have made a commitment to sustainability to a “Sustainability Dialogue” on 26 July.

The event brought academics together with these executives to discuss challenges and opportunities related to sustainability for New Zealand business, and the role we can play as New Zealand’s top-ranked business school

It provided business and social enterprise with a snapshot of areas of strength on sustainability within the Business School and the opportunity to explore future research, dialogue and collaboration.

If you couldn’t make the event or would like to review some of the presentations, they are posted below.


Topic Presenter Video Presentation
Welcome Jilnaught Wong, Deputy Dean Watch  
Opening address Abbie Reynolds, Executive Director of the Sustainable Business Council
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Innovation and entrepreneurship for sustainability Professor Rod McNaughton
Sustainable supply chains Professor Tava Olsen
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Shaping markets for sustainability Dr Suvi Nenonen and Dr Kaj Storbacka Watch  
Renewable energy Professor Basil Sharp, Director of the Energy Centre
Māori economic development Associate Professor Manuka Henare Watch  
Social and environmental accounting Professor Charl de Villiers Watch  

Roundtable discussions

The Sustainability Dialogue had six roundtable discussions:

  • Accounting
  • Energy and transport
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Maori economic development
  • Marketing shaping
  • Supply chain


After his presentation on integrated reporting, Charl De Villiers joined a discussion facilitated by Rob O’Neill about business challenges and research possibilities in the field. Around a dozen people from academia and business participated. Key themes included integrated reporting as a tool for investment analysis, adoption of integrated reporting, and international comparisons.

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Roundtable on accounting
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Energy and transport

The presentation by Basil Sharp, Chair in Supply Chain Management provided a stimulating starting point for discussion. Unfortunately Basil was unable to join the roundtable which was attended by eleven representatives from business and academia. The session was facilitated by Paul Cunningham, Manager, Strategic Donor relations at the Business School.

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Innovation and entrepreneurship

A lively round table discussion ensued from Rod McNaughton’s presentation on Business School research in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship. The discussion was facilitated by Rob O’Neill and around 15 people participated. Key themes included innovation structures and new business models, primary challenges, and the University's role.

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Māori economic development

The presentation by Manuka Henare provided a stimulating starting point for the discussion. Manuka joined the roundtable of around 15 participants from business and academia, which was facilitated by Barry Coates, lead for the Sustainability Programme at the Business School. Some themes that emerged from the rich discussion included using holistic approaches, the measurement of the four capitals, and the value of Māori economy.

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Market shaping

The video presentation from Professors Kaj Storbacka and Suvi Nenonen provided a starting point for the roundtable discussion. Mattie Wall who has been working on the market shaping processes was a resource person, and Barry Coates, lead for the Business School Sustainability Programme, was facilitator and note taker. Some themes were leadership for change, collaboration, and market shaping.

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Sustainable Supply Chains

The presentation by Tava Olsen, Chair in Supply Chain Management provided the starting point for discussion. Tava joined the roundtable along with 12 other attendees from business and academia. The roundtable was facilitated by Paul Cunningham, Manager, Strategic Donor relations at the Business School. Key points discussed included the cost and difficulty of compliance and measuring sustainability, measuring a sustainable supply chain, and how businesses can engage in university research.

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