Advice from Career Leaders

Business School Career Leaders share helpful industry tips.

The Business School’s Career Leaders can help you prepare your CV, update your LinkedIn profile and get ready for job interviews. Here are some of their top tips.

Blank - Alex Saifiti

Alex Safiti

“Don’t underestimate the value of part-time or volunteer experience. Being able to show well-roundedness is key when applying for any job."


Brad Cope

"Your CV and cover letter should be tailored to each different job application to suit the requirements of that position."


Jane Luo

"The aim of your CV is to illustrate your achievements.  Focus on tangible KPI’s and the impact you can bring to the company!"

Blank - Rooma Seghal

Rooma Sehgal

“Think of your CV as your elevator pitch to an employer. Focus on effectively communicating your skills and experiences, and tailor your CV to the opportunity.”


Natasha Karsan

"Your cover letter should not repeat exactly what your CV states.  It’s an opportunity to show the employer how you will be a good fit for the role."


Shelly Tang

"It is important to proofread your CV many times. Make use of spellcheck and Grammarly, as well as asking a friend to check too."