Career directions using your degree

Find out where your degree can take you in your career.

The resources available in this section of the website will help you find out more about jobs that are related to your degree or major – either directly, or roles where your degree would be useful rather than an absolute prerequisite.

Useful resources and advice to help find your career direction

The following resources will help you find out what careers other graduates in your field have chosen in New Zealand and internationally. However, don't forget that many graduate employers do not seek someone with a specific degree and will look to all disciplines.

  • Graduate Outcomes - New Zealand
    • Graduate Longitudinal Study New Zealand (GLSNZ) study
      After a review, this longitudinal study replaced the Graduate Destinations Survey (last held in 2007). Between July and December of 2011, the GLSNZ conducted its baseline survey in order to gain understanding of the longer-term impacts of university study.
    • 2007 Graduate Destinations Survey
      Read about the employment destinations of NZ university graduates. Carried out in 2007 this was a survey of graduates six months after completing their studies in the year 2006.
  • Graduate Careers Australia website
    Graduate Careers Australia (GCA) is the leading authority on graduate employment issues in Australia. Their Research and Statistics section contains details of previous graduate surveys.
  • Higher Education Statistics Agency website (UK)
    Statistics on the destinations of leavers who obtained qualifications in higher education institutions in the UK during the academic year 2008/09.
  • GradStats employment and salary outcomes of recent higher education graduates
    The Australian Graduate Survey (AGS) is an annual study of the activities of new higher education graduates around four months after the completion of their qualifications and published by Graduate Careers Australia's (GCA).
  • What do researchers do?
    This is a series of research publications by the Vitae Careers Research and Advisory Centre (CRAC) Limited (UK) exploring how highly-skilled doctoral graduates contribute to UK society, culture and economy.
  • 2013 Employment Destinations Survey
    The University of Auckland Business School conducted a pilot Graduate Destinations Employment survey in 2013 to investigate student pathways to employment, involvement in internships, clubs, voluntary community work during their studies, and participation in further study.