Discover your options

After you graduate there are a vast range of options available. You might not necessarily want to embark on your chosen career straight away.

Alternatively you might still not be sure about what you want to do and would like to delay that process or find out more about the potential careers that interest you. There are many options available. The most popular are:

  • Get a graduate job.
  • Obtain further work experience.
  • Undertake further study.
  • Take time out.

What you choose to do immediately after graduation clearly depends on a range of factors including whether you have clear long-term career plans, how much work experience you have already, your finances, and whether you feel you need to take a break before embarking on working life.

When thinking about your options, consider things carefully, talk to people and take advice. After assessing your skills, interests and motivations you may have a clear idea of careers you might like to pursue.

Additional tips

  • Think about what you can do to take your first step into fields of interest and possible opportunities to help build your career.
  • Look at your interests, skills, motivations and achievements to date, think about what opportunities to work or study after graduation would best suit you.
  • Compare your skills, motivations and achievements to date with what's needed to succeed in getting into some jobs and careers. Be ambitious, but also be realistic too. Think hard about what you can do now or when you graduate to make yourself a great candidate for jobs you really want that will be tough for you to get.
  • Undertake a career skills needs analysis and skills audit (see file attachments below).
The University of Auckland Business School Career skills needs analysis
A self assessment audit designed to help you identify your personal strengths and weaknesses. (345.4 kB, PDF)
The University of Auckland Business School skills audit
Provides a template to assess your skills. (161.7 kB, PDF)