Psychometric testing and assessment centres

Many graduate employers use psychometric testing and assessment centres as part of their selection process. Like interviews, these can make you nervous. Knowing what's involved can help you relax a little and perform better.

Psychometric tests help recruiters identify a candidate's skills, knowledge and personality. They are often used during the preliminary screening stage. You would be sent a link and be invited to participate within a certain timeframe.

Typical tests for Business School students include verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, abstract reasoning, situational judgement and personality. You may have to do separate tests for different types or you might have one test that covers a number of different types of tests. A growing trend is game based assessment.

An assessment centre brings a number of candidates together so an employer can see how they perform, not only individually, but with other people. Assessment centres may include group activities, case studies, presentations, interviews, office tour, individual exercises and social events. You are usually given information about what to expect before you attend.

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