Write a persuasive CV

Your CV is the first impression most employers will get of you. It is your shop window and opportunity to showcase your skills and experience to a potential employer.

Remember that you need to tailor your CV for each role. You should not have one version of your CV that you use for multiple applications. Each job is different and you need to demonstrate you have the right skills and experience for that role. This approach enables you to be really specific about why you’re a great person for that job.

Make sure you get friends or family members to read your CV and give you feedback. They can spot achievements or skills you've forgotten to include and help you make it easier to read.


CV and cover letters explained workshop

To find out more register and attend our workshop "CV and cover letters explained". You can view workshops and registration details on our Book a workshop page.


Drop-in to get your CV and cover letter reviewed

Come and see us at drop-in to get your CV and cover letter reviewed.

From April to October it is in the Business School Student Centre between 12-2pm, Monday to Friday, during undergraduate teaching periods.

During March it is in the OGGB Level 2 breakout rooms, 10am-4pm, Monday to Friday.

During the breaks you are welcome to make an appointment via MyCDES.


Useful resources and advice on writing a CV

We have researched some useful websites to help you write your CV: