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Acquire more skills and experience

Once you've completed your skills audit, you will have identified the skills and experiences you have at present. You may also have realised there are some skills which you would like to improve on to make it easier for you to get a good job.

Employers do not expect you to have a perfect skill-set. However, they do expect you to be self aware and to know some of your weaker areas.

Ideally they would also like to see evidence that you are taking steps to make improvements in these weaker areas.

So how do you go about developing those areas that need improvement? There are lots of ways to enhance your skills and experiences in specific areas. For example, if you need to develop your public speaking skills you could volunteer to be the presenter the next time you undertake a group-based assignment or you could join a public speaking organisation such as Varsity Toastmasters. Some ways for you to further develop your skill-set are:

  • Secure part-time work through organisations such as Student Job Search and other recruitment agencies or online job search sites.
  • Do voluntary work in hospitals, charities, community events and organisations.
  • Get involved with a club or society.

Clubs and societies

Clubs and societies provide opportunities to develop team work and presentation skills, communication capabilities, networking opportunities, time management and planning, as well as having fun.

Find out what clubs and societies you can join at our Clubs and societies page.