Clubs and societies

Getting involved with student organisations and extra-curricular activities not only helps to make you more employable but is a great way to expand your social networks and have fun.

List of clubs and societies


AIESEC is the world’s largest student-run organisation, with more than 35,000 members, in over 100 countries. It focuses on providing a platform for youth leadership development and offers young people the opportunity to be global citizens.

To find out more about leadership and overseas exchange/internship opportunities, please visit the AIESEC website.

Auckland Land Economics Society (ALES)

ALES promotes interaction and networking between property students, academic staff and property professionals. A number of events are held throughout the year including speed networking evenings, mentoring programmes, property case competitions, women in property events, and the annual property end-of-year function.

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Auckland Microfinance Initiative (AMI)

AMI aims to provide students with opportunities to gain experience in the field of microfinance, an exciting development that utilises financial services, such as micro-loans, to help low-income individuals in some of the poorest areas of the world lift themselves out of poverty and generate income for their local communities. AMI partners with microfinance institutions around the world to establish projects that students can participate in.

Visit the AMI website

Auckland University Commerce Students Association (AUCSA)

The AUCSA is the official representative body of the University of Auckland Business School students. AUCSA offers an excellent channel for you to contribute suggestions to the Business School via class representatives and AUCSA executive members. AUCSA organises corporate forums where students gain valuable contacts and networking skills, as well as a range of fun social activities.

Visit the AUCSA Facebook page

Beta Alpha Psi – Auckland Chapter (BAP)

Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) is an international honours organisation for accounting, finance and information systems students and professionals. BAP recognises academic and professional excellence and complements members’ formal education by providing self-development opportunities and networking among students, faculty and professionals.

Visit the BAP website

Commerce Association for Pacific and Māori students (CAPM)

CAPM is a club for undergraduate and postgraduate Māori and Pacific Business students. It organises social and cultural activities plus a range of networking events all year round with industry contacts. The club offers a stimulating environment to exchange ideas and lots of opportunity to apply business theory into practice.

For more information, please visit our CAPM web page.

Economics Group

The University of Auckland Economics Group is a student run organisation for individuals who are interested in furthering their knowledge and understanding of economics. It provides a platform and structure for like-minded individuals to meet and interact, through weekly discussion sessions and guest speaker events. Send us an email at

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Management Consulting Club (MCC)

MCC prepares students for the business world. It is one of the largest clubs on campus and engages students in team-based business competitions, delivering 13 local and national events each year. The club has been awarded the Dean’s Award for being an outstanding student organisation. The Management Consulting Club acts as a selection trial for the Business School case competition squads.

Visit the Management Consulting Club website

MIND (Marketing, Innovation, Networking and Design)

MIND's tagline is "Making Marketing Meaningful", a newly rebranded student organisation previously known as the UoA Marketing Club, i it delivers opportunities for all students to network with marketing professionals and participate in value-add events that engage, inform and develop students in the world of marketing outside the classroom. MIND aims to connect students with industry through innovation, networking, education, events and access to opportunities. 

Vist the MIND Facebook page. Email


SavY aims to promote good financial habits in all youth regardless of their backgrounds or their aspirations in life. The club believes that good financial habits should be promoted alongside other life skills delivered in schools, and conducts workshops in high schools around Auckland. SavY hopes to initiate a change in attitudes so that financial literacy is viewed more as a habit than a skill.

Visit the SavY website

Social Innovation: University of Auckland (SINZ)

Social Innovation: University of Auckland is a platform for students to discuss and proactively solve pressing issues in the community through social enterprise. Through out the year we run case competitions, provide social enterprise internship opportunities and fund student social enterprise ideas through out annual Kickstart competition.

Visit the SINZ website and Facebook page


Velocity is the University of Auckland entrepreneurship programme. It unleashes potential, giving momentum to people, innovation and ideas. We empower students and staff by developing their entrepreneurial mindset so they can solve social and environmental problems, power industry as employees, and start ventures based on their research, studies or simply as a result of creative thinking. Previously known as Spark, the programme has helped to launch more than 120 start-up ventures that have attracted $200 million in investment and created more than 460 jobs. 

Visit the Velocity website


If you have ever been petrified of speaking in front of an audience, you are not alone. Toastmasters has become a world leader in helping people become more competent and comfortable in front of an audience. There are three different Toastmasters groups operating in the Business School:

Biztalk – meeting Monday evenings

Visit the Biztalk Toastmasters Facebook Page

Varsity – meeting Wednesday evenings

Visit the Varsity Toastmasters Facebook Page

Visit the Toastmasters website

University of Auckland Investment Club (UAIC)

The UAIC gets students involved in and excited about investing. The club hosts workshops and events with high-profile guest speakers from finance and banking. Students can put their knowledge to use through managing a real-life fund invested in the New Zealand and Australian markets, with any profits going to charity.

Visit the UAIC website

UN Youth on Campus

UN Youth aspires to help its members become global citizens. Through its United Nations and International Relations based conferences, UN Youth hopes to foster organisation skills, negotiation, compassion, and help students meet other like-minded individuals, within the university.

Visit the UN Youth Facebook page and website

Other University clubs

A directory of all student clubs at the University of Auckland, from the Acappella Chorus all the way to the Zumba Fitness Club can be found at the central University website: Club listings.


Event checklist for student clubs

We have prepared a checklist to help you organise your next club event.


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