Entry requirements

Acceptance into a postgraduate programme at the University of Auckland is normally based on academic merit, and is at the discretion of the dean of the faculty.

The table below lists the general entry requirements across the University for honours, masters and doctoral degrees for domestic and international students.

For details on specific entry requirements for each of the Business School’s postgraduate degree programmes, it is important that you refer to the individual programme requirement web pages.

Qualification Content Entry requirements
Bachelor (Honours) Students complete a selection of masters courses and an honours dissertation. A bachelors degree with at least a B+ average in the Stage III courses required for the major. Consult faculty guidelines for the grades required.
Masters The programmes include courses at an advanced level in a chosen field and usually require a thesis on a selected topic. A research masters or a taught masters may be available depending on the subject area. A bachelors degree with honours from a recognised institution, or a postgraduate diploma from a recognised institution in a relevant field, or an equivalent qualification. Consult faculty guidelines on the grades required. Grade point average of at least 5.0 on the University of Auckland 9-point scale (at least a B average) or an equivalent performance.
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Students are directed and supported by an appointed supervisor while engaged in independent research leading to a thesis. The thesis describes a coherent piece of research work carried out over the period of registration. A masters degree with first or second class division one honours, or a bachelors degree with first class or second class division one honours from a recognised institution.
Graduate Diploma Students select a coherent range of advanced level courses. A BCom, BBIM or BProp degree, or any other approved degree or approved professional qualification in commerce.
Bridging Programmes Comprises courses recommended by the graduate advisor. Usually a mix of second and third year undergraduate courses in a relevant subject area. Bachelors degree or equivalent from a recognised institution.