Chris Farhi

Chris Farhi completed a Bachelor of Engineering (First Class Honours) majoring in Civil Engineering and Bachelor of Property (First Class Honours). He leads the Strategic Consulting team for Colliers International in New Zealand.


The combination of Engineering and Property gave Chris Farhi a broad range of knowledge and skills to kick-start his career.

He started out with the Bachelor of Engineering programme, and added the Bachelor of Property after his first year of study.

“Engineering was my first choice but I’ve always enjoyed the business side of life too, so I really wanted to add that aspect to my education.

“The property degree is a great match for civil engineering. It’s hard work, but you soon get used to the workload, and the benefits when you finish university are huge.”

Chris says the unique combination gave him an awareness of construction as well as the commercial world in which it operates.

“But, more importantly, engineering gave me a really good understanding of maths, which became incredibly useful later on when I focused on finance. The maths skills that you pick up in engineering are incredibly robust.”

Since finishing university, Chris has worked in property development, banking and consulting,  and now leads the Strategic Consulting team for Colliers International in New Zealand. The team helps major organisations to make their big corporate property decisions.

In 2016 he received the Colliers International Professional Services Shield and in 2017 he received the RICS Young Achiever of the Year Award. He was also the 2014 New Zealand Defence Force Reservist of the Year.

Chris has returned to the University of Auckland as a part-time lecturer, teaching PROPERTY 231 Property Management. 

“My advice to students is not to worry too much about what you choose right at the start of university because you can always add another degree later on.

“Conjoint degrees are an extra year of study but when you come out the other end you will have a way better start to your career.”