Meet Natacha Blidy

Natacha Blidy is an international student from New Caledonia studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Accounting. She was awarded the Shirley Barker Calderwood Memorial Scholarship and is due to start a graduate role at PwC in 2018.


“Technology is changing so rapidly and accounting processes are increasingly becoming automated. It’s so important for me that I gain the skills and knowledge to work in advisory services because I think that’s where accounting is leading. Technology is a big part of our lives and we’re going to see so much change.”

Natacha was completing a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Finance at the University of Auckland Business School when she was accepted into the honours programme.

“I wanted to differentiate myself, and I know the honours programme will help me to get ahead.  

“The workload has definitely increased this year. Instead of reading textbooks, I’m reading articles and papers from researchers, and the language is very different. It’s a real step up and I’m looking forward to deciding on a topic for my dissertation for Semester Two.”

Before starting her honours year, Natacha completed a three-month summer internship in PwC’s private business division, where she enjoyed the teamwork, variety and company culture.

“The Business School provides so many opportunities to meet employers and build networks, which is really unique – my friends studying elsewhere in New Zealand and overseas don’t seem to have that.”  

Originally from French-speaking New Caledonia, Natacha has joined university clubs and social groups, such as the Commerce Association of Pacific and Māori (CAPM), to connect with her peers and develop her language skills.

“The best way to integrate and to feel part of New Zealand and the University is to talk to people from every background. It’s really helped me and I now have friends from all over the world.”

Outside of her studies, Natacha is the Assistant Treasurer for the North Shore branch of Soroptimist International of the South West Pacific, an organisation that aims to transform the lives of women and girls through a global network of members and international partnerships.

Natacha is due to start a graduate role at PwC in 2018 and aims to become a Chartered Accountant. With her French language skills, she hopes to work in international business and, long-term, she hopes to use her accounting knowledge and skills to work in the health sector for organisations helping women and children.

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