Meet Sobia Mughal

Sobia Mughal is studying towards a Master of Commerce in Marketing and is a recipient of an Ann Rich Holway Memorial Scholarship.


“When you’re tossing up ‘full-time income’ versus ‘full-time student income’ it can be difficult to make the right choice. Having a scholarship has helped me pursue my passion for research and marketing. The financial generosity has enabled me to get one step closer to my goals and has inspired me, even more, to help others by giving back to the community.”

Sobia is researching what motivates consumers to become service providers in the sharing economy. Her research aims to understand why platforms such as Airbnb and Uber succeed, and has the potential to influence the design and innovation of new digital platforms. Sobia recently won the University’s 3 Minute Thesis Competition (Masters) with a presentation of her timely and practical research.

“During my corporate life before my masters, I was honoured to be a co-author for a published paper with my honours supervisor, Dr Bodo Lang. We were awarded the Best Paper Award at the MAG (Marketing in Asia Group) Scholar Conference in Portugal and this was the main driver for me to take the leap into postgraduate study. Presenting my research in front of an international audience of academics and practitioners triggered the inner research ‘nerd’ in me.

“The staff at the Business School make me feel so welcome: they are always approachable and easy to talk to. My supervisor is all about getting involved in research that has a meaningful impact in the community (practically as well as theoretically). That’s what I love – we think the same way regarding our research goals.”

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