Meet Xiaoyan Bai

Xiaoyan Bai completed her PhD in Information Systems. She now works as a Business Intelligence Consultant at Genesis Energy.


“When I first came to this country from China, I knew the University of Auckland was ranked highest in New Zealand, so I didn’t consider going anywhere else.  

“Before my PhD, I completed a Graduate Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma and Master of Commerce. I came across some really outstanding lecturers and completed projects that allowed me to learn a lot of practical tools and skills, which laid the foundation for further postgraduate study. When I met my main supervisor, I started a new learning journey.

“As an undergraduate when you are thrown a question there is always an answer. A key difference about studying at postgraduate level is that all the questions are new – you come across issues that haven’t been addressed or haven’t been touched at all, and that was really exciting to me.

“For my PhD I designed and implemented purposeful visualisation systems that can be used to create purpose-driven, context-sensitive, stakeholder-relevant, adaptive visualiations. My research helps people turn their data into visual stories that inform, engage, enchant and empower, and eventually achieve better support for decision making.


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