Bridging programmes

Additional study may be required for students who do not meet the selection criteria for admission into postgraduate study at the University of Auckland.

Students who do not meet the selection criteria for admission into any of the postgraduate programmes, either because they do not have sufficient prerequisites or because they do not meet the required standard of performance for entry, may be required to undertake a bridging programme.

The content of a bridging programme is defined by the relevant Graduate Adviser and comprises a set of courses that provide the student with the necessary prerequisite knowledge at the appropriate level.

Students enrolling in a bridging programme will normally enrol in either a Graduate Diploma in Commerce (GradDipCom) or a Transitional Certificate (TransCert) following the advice of the Graduate Adviser. The requirements of each of these are outlined below.

Students who do not want to enrol in a full programme are able to enrol in a Certificate of Proficiency (COP) when they propose to study a few courses to further their education.

Graduate Diploma in Commerce (GradDipCom)

The Graduate Diploma in Commerce provides graduates with the opportunity to supplement their first degree. The diploma is comprised of undergraduate courses and may be used to extend a major field of study, to study a discipline other than the undergraduate major field of study within the Business School or towards attaining professional recognition such as membership of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ), formerly New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants.

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Transitional Certificate (TransCert)

The TransCert is a set of additional courses prescribed by the Graduate Adviser to qualify a student for entry to a higher-level programme where the minimum requirements have not been met.


Certificate of Proficiency (COP)

Examples of when a COP may be used is either to complete professional requirements or to gain further knowledge in a particular subject relevant to employment.

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