Here you will find our postgraduate courses in Commercial Law as well as detailed courses outlines.

Please note that course availability can change due to a number of factors including the availability of teaching resources and may be withdrawn should circumstances require.

Course code Points Course title Course outline (PDF<150KB)
LAWCOMM 702 30 International Commercial Arbitration
LAWCOMM 705 30 Commercial Leases *
LAWCOMM 706 30 Competition Law and Policy *  
LAWCOMM 709 30 Corporations and Corporate Governance *
LAWCOMM 712 30 Insolvency Law *
LAWCOMM 713 30 Selected Aspects of Intellectual Property *
LAWCOMM 726 30 Restitution in Commercial Contexts *
LAWCOMM 730 30 Special Topic: Company Meetings *
LAWCOMM 732 30 Special Topic: Tort Law *
LAWCOMM 733 30 Comparative Corporate Governance *
LAWCOMM 734 30 Comparative Free Trade Agreements *
LAWCOMM 735 30 Special Topic: Aspects of the Law of Personal Property *
LAWCOMM 738 30 Special Topic: Comparative Family and Small Business Taxation *
LAWCOMM 745 30 Public Law in a Commercial Context *
LAWCOMM 754 30 Copyright Law *
LAWCOMM 758 30 Franchising *
LAWCOMM 763 30 Sports Law *
COMLAW 788 30 Dissertation in Commercial Law Not available
COMLAW 796A 30 Thesis in Commercial Law (for Master of Commerce (MCom)) Not available
COMLAW 796B 30 Thesis in Commercial Law (for Master of Commerce (MCom)) Not available

Areas that students can choose to explore include finance and property law, corporate law, employment law, marketing law, international trade law, intellectual property law, investment law, and taxation law.

*To access information and course outlines for LAWCOMM courses, please visit the Faculty of Law website: Courses.

**Please note that from 2016, the Master of Taxation Studies (MTaxS) is now offered by the Faculty of Law. Please visit the Faculty of Law website: Master of Taxation Studies.