Business School

Why study Commercial Law?

Commercial Law means the laws that govern business activities. All businesses use commercial law to create wealth, and to identify and mitigate risks. Commercial Law makes everyday business activities possible.

Complementary majors

A double major combines two specialist fields of study. Commercial Law is a popular second major and complements most other business majors including:


Conjoint degree

Commercial Law can also work well in a conjoint degree combination or an elective with a Science or Engineering degree.

Studying commercial law will give you an array of skills that are valued highly in business. It will develop your analytical and critical thinking skills, improve your written communication skills, and help you to think strategically about business opportunities and business risks. 


What are the career paths?

Depending on the other major, you could become a financial accountant, financial adviser, investment consultant, receiver, regulator or business policy adviser.


Programmes available

You can study Commercial Law at the Business School in the following programmes:

Bachelor of Commerce
The BCom offers Commercial Law as a single major or as a double major alongside one of the other majors offered within the BCom, although it is recommended that it is taken as a double major. You can also study the Bachelor of Commerce in Commercial Law as part of a conjoint degree programme where you study for two degrees at once. Note however that a conjoint BCom/LLB is not possible with this major.

Bachelor of Commerce (Hons)
The BCom(Hons) in Commercial Law is one year of fulltime postgraduate study following the Bachelor of Commerce degree. Entry is based on superior grades in the subject area.

Master of Commerce (MCom)
The MCom degree is a two-year programme. The first year is coursework, which may also be taken as a bachelor honours, while the second year comprises a research thesis.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
The MCom and BCom(Hons) in Commercial Law, the MTaxS and MLS are all pathways to a PhD in Commercial Law.