Here you will find our postgraduate courses in Finance as well as detailed courses outlines.

Please note that course availability can change due to a number of factors including the availability of teaching resources and may be withdrawn should circumstances require.

Course code Points Course title Availability (2018) Course outline (PDF<150KB)
FINANCE 701 15 Research Methods in Finance S1 Not available
FINANCE 702 15 Governance Issues in Finance S1, S2 Course outline
FINANCE 705 15 Empirical Finance S1 Course outline
FINANCE 751 15 Modern Corporate Finance S2 Course outline
FINANCE 761 15 Portfolio Theory and Investment Analysis S1 Course outline
FINANCE 762 15 Risk Management S1 Course outline
FINANCE 781 15 Special Topic in Finance Not available
Course outline
FINANCE 782 15 Special Topic in Finance Not available Not available
FINANCE 788 30 Dissertation in Finance for BCom(Hons)   Not available
FINANCE 796A 60 Thesis   Not available
FINANCE 796B 60 Thesis   Not available