Here you will find our postgraduate courses in Global Management and Innovation. Postgraduate students studying across a wide range of disciplines often complement their core study with a paper in GMLI.


Course code Points Course title Description Course outline  
BUSINESS 704 15 Quantitative Research Methods Students will become familiar with underlying theory and current best practice in quantitative research through discussion and application of topics including measurement, design (including survey design), and computer-based data analysis. Course outline
BUSINESS 705 15 Qualitative Research Methods Students will become familiar with current theory and practice as well as methodological debates in the use of qualitative methodologies, including ethnography, case studies, archival research, participant observation, interview and focus group methods, as well as transcription and analysis. A workshop on coding qualitative data will be included. Course outline
BUSINESS 710 15 Research Design The pursuit of new knowledge requires the ability to recognise and design appropriate and robust research studies. Students explore the principles and practices of research design, including the fundamentals of where knowledge comes from; if and to what degree we can be certain about our findings; the ethics of research activities; and how a topic might be investigated from multiple approaches and philosophical perspectives. Course outline
BUSINESS 711 15 Advanced Quantitative Research Methods An advanced seminar on recent developments in the application of quantitative methods in business research. Course outline
BUSINESS 712 15 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods An advanced seminar on recent developments in the application of qualitative methods in business research. Not available

Global Management and Innovation

Code Points Course Description Course outlines  
GLMI 701 15 Competing Internationally Examines why, when, and how firms compete internationally. Utilises concepts and research on the firm, cluster and/or industry in international competition, the role of its resources and capabilities, and its adaptation to diverse operating contexts. Includes analysis of internationalising small and medium sized enterprises, mini multinationals, and global enterprises.  Course outline
GLMI 702 15 International Management Focuses on management research and practice with a cross-border or cross-cultural dimension. Includes topics such as: forms and management practices in cross-border business; international human resource management; managing knowledge flows across borders; and the cross-border differential impact of culture and institutions on firms.  Course outline
GLMI 703 15 Global Strategy Examines the development andimplementation of strategies by global firms. Focuses on strategy formation, strategic management processes, and evaluation in international, multinational and transnational organisations. Includes analysis of strategies such as foreign entry mode options, innovation and production networks.  Course outline
GLMI 704 15 Challenges of Globalisation

Discusses the causes of globalisation and its consequences for firms, and other groups and actors. Investigates challenges and diverse approaches to navigating the globalising arena. Examines a variety of market and non-market governance structures that create incentives and opportunities for international firms.

Restriction: INTBUS 706

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GLMI 705 15 People, Performance and Well-being Examines the employment relationship through tensions at the intersection of human resource management, organisational performance and employee well-being. Explores strategies associated with building, developing and motivating workforces and analyses ways of improving mutuality in employment relationships.  Course outline
GLMI 706 15 Working in an Age of Uncertainty Explores the contemporary environment which contains high levels of uncertainty, stemming from new technologies and changes in economy and society. Critically examines issues confronting organisations and work in these fast-paced, fluid and complex contexts, such as power and voice, meaning and dignity, and alternative forms of organising. Course outline
GLMI 707 15 Responsible Business and Sustainability Engages with pressing contemporary topics such as corporate social responsibility, sustainability, ethical business and governance, Māori and indigenous leadership, the stakeholder approach to responsible business, and diversity and inclusiveness in organisations. Course outline
GLMI 708 15 Critical, Creative and Strategic Thinking Focuses on learning and applying ideas, processes and technologies to critical, creative and strategic thinking in fields related to leadership, management and change. Emphasises building the confidence, dexterity and set of practices to question and create new pathways for collaborative and systemic challenges.  Course outline
GLMI 709 15 Creating Global Venture Examines the issues involved in forming and operating a knowledge-intensive company that is global from inception. Includes topics such as assessing opportunities, developing a business model, forming a team and gathering the resources to launch a global new venture. Course outline
GLMI 710 15 Innovation and Knowledge Management Examines the role of innovation and knowledge in business profitability and growth. Includes knowledge as a foundation for innovation, core knowledge processes in organisations, understanding innovation processes in uncertain and complex environments, and collaborative innovation. Not available
GLMI 711 15 Strategic Entrepreneurship and Innovation Examines the challenge of strategizing in highly uncertain situations such as knowledge intensive start-ups and introduction of new products or processes. Reviews key theories of strategy and strategising, and applies tools for strategic management and analysis. Course outline
GLMI 712 15 Understanding and Managing Creativity Explores theories and research on creativity in both well-established and entrepreneurial organisations at different levels of analysis – individual, groups and firms. Includes topics such as factors impacting creativity, how to manage creative teams and individuals, and how to develop a creative climate in the organisation. Course outline
GLMI 750 15 Contemporary Themes in Global Management and Innovation Individualised readings and coursework from any field related to global management and innovation. Not available
GLMI 751 15 Directed Readings in Global Management and Innovation   Not available
GLMI 791 60 Dissertation   Not available