Global management and innovation postgraduate programme requirements

You will need to meet certain requirements to achieve a postgraduate qualification in global management and innovation.

The masters degree may be taken as a two-year programme (180 points) or as a one-year programme (120 point) following a year's postgraduate study.

A Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce (120 point) exit option is provided for students who do not meet the minimum standards required for progression within the Masters programme or due to other circumstances are unable to continue.
Prerequisites Requirements
A major in International Business or Management or Innovation and Entrepreneurship, or equivalent as approved by the Head of Department.

Taught Masters

  • 15 points: BUSINESS 710
  • 15 points from BUSINESS 704, 705
  • 90 points from BUSINESS 704, 705, 711, 712, GLMI 701-712, 750, 751
  • 60 points: GLMI 791 Dissertation
For more information go to the Master of Commerce website.