Management postgraduate programmes

You will need to meet certain requirements to achieve a postgraduate qualification in management at the University of Auckland Business School.

From 2017 our Master of Commerce in Management is no longer offered. It has been replaced with the Master of Commerce in Global Management and Innovation.
From 2018 the BCom (Hons) in International Business will no longer be offered. Please apply for the BCom (Hons) in Global Management and Innovation.
PhD in Management
The general PhD regulations require either a bachelors honours degree or masters degree for entry. Both the honours degree and the masters degree should have prepared the applicant with subject matter expertise and research skills, including at least one significant research endeavour as part of the degree. For this reason, Masters of Business Administration (MBAs) and other general, applied degrees are often not seen as adequate preparation for PhD study, and transitional preparation of up to one year may be required. Prior degree study should have been completed with distinction (generally at A-level or above) and have prepared the applicant in the discipline in which the research is proposed. In terms of supervision, the disciplinary base of the department is broad and applicants are encouraged to check the research profiles of potential supervisors on the department website.

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