Selecting a programme of study

Find out what the difference is between research and taught programmes. Choose between types of degrees and diploma programmes; and postgraduate or executive and manager programmes.

Programme types

Postgraduate study offers you the opportunity to pursue a higher qualification that builds on your previous studies or allows you to develop specialist knowledge.

You can choose from the following types of degrees and diploma programmes:

  • Doctorate: internationally recognised degrees of real distinction if you intend to pursue an academic or research career.
  • Masters: degrees that offer you advanced specialist study and/or research in a particular field.
  • Postgraduate diplomas: graduate level qualifications that provide you with opportunities to venture into research and a pathway into a masters degree
  • Bachelors (Honours): degrees that attract the highest level of students wishing to pursue their learning and research at postgraduate level. The additional year of research-based study provides students with additional understanding of the subject and a larger range of analytical skills, so you are better equipped to commence your professional career.

Research or taught study?

Our programmes fall into two main categories – research programmes and taught programmes. Part-time study options are available for all programmes.

  • Research programmes involve research that generally leads to the writing of a thesis, composition or performance. These programmes are ideal if you want to explore an area of interest, to test the status quo and/or to develop a new body of creative work or understanding.
  • Taught programmes generally incorporate both lecture and project/research components. They are designed for people who want to gain higher qualifications to achieve a career aspiration or for personal development.

For information on course based outcomes please go to the Ministry of Education Which Course Where website.


Postgraduate or executive and manager programmes?

Our programmes are designed to meet your area of interest, your desired pace of study and to fit with your academic and professional goals.

  • Postgraduate programmes
    These programmes require a prior undergraduate qualification and usually have a higher research based component. Postgraduate programmes include Bachelor (Honours), Masters and Doctor of Philosophy. The Business School has eleven postgraduate disciplines to choose from.
  • Executive and manager programmes
    Programmes for working executives and managers. These programmes may not require a prior undergraduate qualification but will require prior work experience. Business School programmes include MBA, Master of Management, Postgraduate Diploma in Business and a Specialist Master. We also offer more than 300 short courses - from Open Enrolment Short Courses ranging from half day snap shots to one and two day courses. In-house and Customised Short Courses are available for our corporate and government clients.