Meet our undergraduate students

Learn how former undergraduate Business School students got to where they are today.

Belinda Kilian


“If you’re interested in property, Auckland is the place. The Department of Property is a great little community. Everyone knows everyone else, and the Head of Department is incredibly helpful and supportive. There are strong links with the industry, and heaps of networking opportunities. I love it.”

Belinda is currently studying a conjoint Bachelor of Property and Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting and Commercial Law.

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Timothy Honey


“The support in the business school is incredible. Want your CV checked? Come see a career leader. Need help with classes? Go to the student resource centre. Majors giving you trouble? Book a career advisor appointment. Lacking academic skills? Drop into a workshop. Support is all around you."

Timothy Honey is currently studying for a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Information Management and Accounting. He works a part-time job at Mitre 10 Mega.

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Paul Rataul


“One of the highlights for me was co-authoring a thesis that is now being published with a lecturer at the Business School. It examined how Netflix has grown their capabilities over time to meet the changing expectations of the market and adapt to new technologies. That was really interesting”.

Paul Rataul graduated with a conjoint Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce degree in 2017.

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Adam Paterson


“You get to practise in high-pressure situations and you learn so much. It also gives you a competitive edge in job interviews.”

Adam completed a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Economics and Marketing. He works as a Financial Analyst for Foodstuffs.

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Freya Dumasia


“I majored in Marketing because I was interested in learning about the concepts that tied the business world to the consumer world – what their motives were and how each party satisfies the other to create success."

Freya completed a conjoint Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts majoring in Marketing, Management and Media, Film and Television Studies. She is an intern at the creative marketing company FP7 in Dubai.

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Ryan King


“When I went for my first interview I already knew a few of the people there and they knew a bit about me. I felt more comfortable which made it easier.”

Ryan completed a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and International Business. He works as a Discover Graduate at Vodafone.

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Craig Little


“It’s very satisfying to know you’re impacting on the lives of people that you know – that they are getting to where they need to be on time."

Craig completed a Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems and Operations and Supply Chain Management. He works as the Senior Public Transport Service Scheduler at Auckland Transport.

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Krystyn Lim


“The combination of technological know-how from Information Systems, alongside the knowledge of human behaviour and stakeholder management from Marketing, set me up perfectly for a dynamic career.”

Krystyn studied a Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems and Marketing and is currently working at ASB as a Start Me Up Engineer.

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Linda Gu


"The range of courses on offer is fantastic, and in the classes with relatively low class numbers, there were lots of opportunities for debate and discussion, which I loved”.

Linda Gu is completing a conjoint Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and Management) and Bachelor of Laws in 2017.

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Noel D'Souza


“The staff and students are very multicultural, there are people from all over the world Africa, Asia Europe and the United States, who all bring their own experiences, perspectives and ideas.”

Noel D’Souza is studying towards a conjoint Bachelor of Commerce (Economics and Finance) and Bachelor of Engineering.  

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Huda Dzulkifli


"The lecturers are very supportive and willing to help us in our studies. They give us the opportunity to ask questions in class if there are things we don’t understand, and there are extra study hours if we need further help."

Huda is studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce. She is an international student from Malaysia.

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Dominic O’Keefe


“So many opportunities are put in front of Property students, you really need to make the most of them. It’s the best way to meet people and decide which career path to take.”   

Dominic is completing a conjoint Bachelor of Property and Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Marketing. He works as a Commercial Property Valuer at Absolute Value.

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Vyshi Hariharan


“The University of Auckland provides many networking opportunities to meet prospective employers and find out more about different career paths. I completed an internship at Deloitte before I started working as a graduate in 2015, which helped to bridge the gap between studying and starting my career.”

Vyshi completed a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting, Finance and Commercial Law. She works as a Tax Consultant at Deloitte.

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Janelle Danielson


“We don’t know what kinds of careers will pop up as we get older. Put yourself into a position where you’re going to study something that interests you, that you’re passionate about, but will give you transferable skills that you can use in a range of careers."

Janelle Danielson completed a conjoint Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Accounting) and Bachelor of Laws. She works as a Graduate Finance Analyst at BNZ.

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