Meet Freya Dumasia

Freya Dumasia completed a conjoint Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts majoring in Marketing, Management and Media, Film and Television Studies. She is an intern at the creative marketing company FP7 in Dubai.


Aspirations of a global career led Freya Dumasia to choose a degree that would be internationally recognised.

“I wanted a degree that was versatile and would be relevant in any part of the world.”

Freya completed a conjoint Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts and says the subjects complemented each other and provided a well-rounded view of business and the media.

“I majored in Marketing because I was interested in learning about the concepts that tied the business world to the consumer world – what their motives were and how each party satisfies the other to create success.

“Marketing is a broad world so understanding your strengths within the major is important and helps you decide your career path.”

Freya says the team-based learning in her final year enabled her to put all of her knowledge into practise.

“We were working with clients and coming up with solutions for a live project. That experience working in teams was really important as it mimicked the situations we would encounter out in the real world.”

Freya completed a student exchange at Stony Brook University in New York, and highly recommends the University of Auckland’s student exchange programme 360° Auckland Abroad.

She is completing an internship in Dubai at the creative marketing company FP7, part of the leading global marketing firm McCann Worldgroup.

When her internship is complete, she plans to move to New York to pursue further opportunities in this field.


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